renacer /renaˈseɾ/

intransitive verb

to be reborn


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About the Company


At Renacer Entertainment we believe that every project is an opportunity to reawaken, redefine, and reinvent ourselves as masters of collaboration, fully equipped to support you throughout every aspect of the creative process, from conception to delivery.

We offer an eclectic team of award-winning trailblazers that can propel your ideas and ignite them to the next level. We work with all types of content creators, producing everything from feature films to music videos, webseries, short films, proof of concepts and branded videos. Some of our past collaborations have included working with companies such as Sony, Lionsgate, MGM, Amazon, National Geographic, Youtube Studios, Creative Minds Care, Whitelighter Productions, Ice Beat Factory and Art Below Zero, to name a few.

Founded in 2009 by Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez, Renacer Entertainment has grown into a multi-faceted and multi award-winning production company that thrives on putting together dynamically high caliber teams to bring your visions to life. Headquartered in Los Angeles, we’ve utilized our international network to acquire locations, crew, and talent to produce content anywhere in the world. No production is too small nor too big for our team and we welcome the opportunity to soar to new heights together.


Renacer Entertainment is a wonderful company with an exceptionally professional, fun, and efficient team that knows how to make my budget look much bigger than what it actually is.
— Yvette Nacer | Executive Producer/Artist
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Clients Include

Michelle Jubilee is a powerhouse. Her energy, business acumen, creative drive and integrity are exemplary and help elevate my projects.
— Melanie Holmes | Writer/Producer
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About the Founder

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Michelle Jubilee González, Founder

A strong believer in letting the work speak for itself, Michelle has accomplished an impressive amount of work in multiple departments in the TV/Film World. With nearly 200 credits and counting, this award-winning agile stuntwoman-turned-producer is an intuitive artist, canny businesswoman, and passionate problem-solver. She’s worked side-by-side with DGA Award winner Tony Adler (American Beauty), director of photography Jon Philion (The Avengers 2010, True Blood, Fast & Furious), and the iconic Robert Rodriguez amongst many others. Michelle’s passion for movie-making has taken her through over a decade of professional work and has given her a unique advantage in understanding how to create and deliver evocative stories.

Gonzalez has a knack for finding people’s strengths, and fostering teamwork and camaraderie to produce award worthy productions. In addition to being a strong team-builder as a producer, she’s also a successful working actor and has starred in MGM’s reboot of Stargate: Origins, NCIS LA, Queen of the South, Female Fight Squad, and has also worked in both the English and Spanish commercial market for Merci Chocolates, Honda, American Heart Association, and Infinity to name a few.

When she’s not jumping out of a car or being lit on fire while fighting an alligator, she loves to learn languages, hike and play with her two rescue dogs, find investment opportunities, and meditate. Her modus operandi is "aut inveniam viam aut faciam" ~ EITHER I SHALL FIND A WAY OR I SHALL MAKE ONE.