Renacer Entertainment is a full service creative company that can handle all your production needs. We have coordinators, schedulers and managers with uncanny abilities to cover every single detail of pre-production, shoot and post-production. From contracts to payroll, from venues to permits, from height clearance to legal clearance and from catering to port-a-potties, we take care of all the details so you don't have to worry.

We count on the expertise of award-winning producers and artists to do superb creative work. We value deadlines and work around the clock to meet your needs. As one of our many valued clients, you can trust us to put the fate of your project in our hands. Our seasoned team of project and production managers hold an impressive portfolio of award-winning work for clients worldwide. We carefully pick and choose our creative teams, so every time they get together we can catch lightning in a bottle!


What we offer

Script Consulting
Commercial Production
ADR, Loop Group Leaders & Loopers
Film Score
Music Licensing
Music Supervising
Action Designers
Stunt Coordinators & Performers
Matching Funds Investors


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We work with all types of content creators producing everything from music videos, webseries, short films, proof of concepts, branded videos, up to feature films.

With results and return clients, you can bet your budget that Renacer Entertainment can make it a reality, from concept to air.